So what does Value Added Tax (VAT) mean to you?

To some, VAT is a mystery. To others, it’s a challenge. And to the astute among us, it’s an opportunity.

Let’s look at each of these possibilities a little closer …

VAT is a mystery to some because the concept of taxation is new to the region and hasn’t been dealt with before.

VAT is a challenge to some because, like it or not, every accountant and financial manager in the UAE has to acquire the knowledge and skills to make their business VAT compliant in a short amount of time.

But don’t forget that last possibility – there is also an opportunity in mastering VAT.

Mastering VAT will allow you to impress your boss and peers. It can also help you excel at your job. Plus, with your VAT knowledge new career opportunities could open up for you as a taxation expert.

And remember this: those who master the knowledge first will have a head start!

My Mission

While reviewing UAE VAT law, I found that VAT knowledge is abundantly available but there are quite a few gray areas.

I also found a lot of confusion because of the way key concepts and information are presented – the best resources are all written in hard to understand legal language.

I’m on a mission to gather all the essential VAT knowledge and simplify it, so accountants and financial managers like you can help your companies stay compliant and save money on fees and administrative costs.

Who am I?

I’m Ahmad Al Tayer, a financial professional with 15 years of service in the public and private sectors in the UAE.

Over the course of my career, I’ve obtained a number of academic degrees and industry certifications including:

  • Bachelor in Accounting.
  • Certified Internal Auditor of the IIA (Institute of Internal Auditors)
  • Master in Applied Finance and Banking
  • Master of Forensic Accounting Investigation
  • Certified Fraud Examiner
  • FTA-Certified VAT Agent (One of the First Certified in the UAE)

I have worked in various capacities for highly reputable government and private organizations in the UAE.

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